Coming Summer 2023

Give your e-commerce site visitors the ability to ask ANYTHING about your SKUs.Embed the skufact AI widget into search or chat to let visitors engage 10x more with your site, no developers needed.

"traffic is bouncing to Google for product research"

visitors can research SKUs using AI chat on your site

Visitors using chat can ask:
"I want to buy a snowboard - what factors should I consider?"
"I'm shopping for Father's Day - what are the best gifts?"

"Our product search converts higher. I want more people to use our search"

Integrate Natural language AI into product search

Visitors using search can ask:
"Show me the top products for women's winter clothes"
"Show me Hoka and Brooks running shoes that are mostly monochromatic colors"

"I can't afford another integration that requires my engineering team "

We get skus from your site, no devs needed

We scrape and refresh your product catalog daily without integration or engineering effort.

"We have custom functionality so most e-commerce tools don't work for us"

Skufact works with all e-commerce sites, custom ones too

We have complete support for
- Custom E-Commerce Sites
- Shopify
- Webflow Commerce
- BigCommerce